A beach club in Forte dei Marmi
30 Nov

Beach clubs in Forte dei Marmi

Beach life in : and beach restaurants

Forte dei Marmi is famous for its wonderful beach clubs. Here in “Forte” we call them “bagni”, and they are just beautiful. In this little town by the sea there are more than 90 different beach clubs, and each one has its own style and character (the color of the beautiful tents on the beach, the style of the umbrellas and of the typical “chaise-longues” by the sea), but they also give a unique look to forte dei Marmi: if you arrive to Forte by boat, you’ll see a long, south-to-north colorful line: that is the beach, with the different beach clubs’ pastel tents and umbrellas!

Thanks to this elegant clubs the beach life in Forte dei Marmi is very comfortable: you can rent a tent for just one day or for the whole season (which, in Italy, is from June to the end of September), and you’ll have at your disposal a beautiful pastel cabin where you can undress and wear your bikini, and an elegant tent on the beach with two comfortable beach-beds, two chaise-longues, a little table and a lot of room just for you and your friends to sunbath.

That, because comfort and privacy are the most important factors of “Forte” beach clubs: you’re not going to have a lot of neighbors by your tent: in each beach club the tents are not so many, to guarantee the tourists’ relax.

Most of the beach clubs in Forte dei Marmi have tasty, beautiful restaurants where you can have lunch, brunch or dinner (a post about that will come soon, don’t worry!) and a swimming pool…

Here some of the coolest “bagni” and beach clubs in Forte dei Marmi:

Bagno Piero

Bagno Annetta

Bagno Augustus Lido

Bagno Mare Chiaro

Bagno Assunta

Forte Beach


Photo credits: Mare Chiaro, Forte dei Marmi; Dalani; Bagno Augustus Lido, Pinterest.


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