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Fashionable mums in Forte dei Marmi

It was the ’90s. I was a little girl from Pisa, and my mum used to often take me to Forte dei Marmi, to look at the beautiful shops window, do a little stroll by the sea, and, of course, go play with the “little cars” in the famous square “Piazza Marconi” of Forte dei Marmi.
Now I’m an “adult” girl, I’m a Real Estate Agent in Forte dei Marmi (OK, Shameless self promotion moment: click here and take a look at our company services Luxury Villas Italy ) and I still love Forte like the first day, because even if a lot of people say it has changed, (lot of tourist, etc etc), I think it maintains its SOUL : it’s a beautiful town with a lovely seaside, where in summer families can enjoy the holidays all together, go to the beach by bike, eat gelato or pizza in the evening, do shopping, have fun! The soul of Forte dei Marmi remains alive, and I have proofs!
Last night I was strolling the Instagram, and, all of a sudden, I discovered a wonderful hashtag: it’s the russian tag  #мамывфорте which means “Mums in Forte dei Marmi”, and I saw how young moms enjoy summer and family life in Forte; one of them, the beautiful @evpostnikova was even in that same square in the center of Forte, posing next to a little yellow car, exactly as my mum used to do with me, It made me remember that moment, and it was wonderful!
These are young mums with beautiful children, they are all nice, well dressed, live in gorgeous villas (ehm ehm, looking for new beautiful villas for my clients is my job) and go to stunning beach clubs with tents, pool and a lot of facilities. Often, they are all friends, they go out together, do sport, have dinner, their children are friends and play together at the beach! This young women, young mums are just splendid and larger than life, they are life enthusiast and nice, always smiling, they make me think that happiness is really possible. So this post is for them, thank you for loving Forte dei Marmi, for coming here with your families and children, you just make it more beautiful! (take a look to some our other villas like  Modern Villa with Pool  for rent to imagine the scenario…)
And now, here the names of these gorgeous ladies: @anutapet, @ledneva, @gladkina, @marinessska, @evpostnikova, @kykyruza1986, @julia_kurepova, and many more, follow them!
For my readers: If you want to take a look to their Instagram Profiles, you can look for them here: @mami_v_forte or looking at the hashtag:  #мамывфорте! You can watch the photos below

Have fun in Forte dei Marmi!

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