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Wine Tasting in a Tuscan Castle

Today we would like to talk about  a wonderful experience: a real in Tuscany, in an ancient Castle with a breathtaking view! If you are in Tuscany, maybe in summer, but you’re not only going to relax at the beach, and you’re curious, and you love good wine, you maybe would like to go to the heart of Tuscany, to the beautiful Chianti hills, and maybe taste really good Italian wines, and know more about Renaissance Tuscan history: then we can help you!  You could spend a day to go visit an ancient Tuscan castle and have a real Tuscan ! To enjoy this experience at this best, just read some or the information of this beautiful ancient Castle in Tuscany, you’ll love it! History, Art, and  in Chianti area:

To truly experience the Castle, you must participate in a tour visiting this historic estate, its beautiful courtyard, and ancient underground cellars.

The Castle

During the hour-long tour (offered in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese), you’ll experience the Castle’s historic milestones first hand. This history is interwoven with that of Florence and its historic noble banking family the De’ Pazzi, the castle original owners from the 12th century. The Pazzi family’s crest still adorns our courtyard today and was created by one of the true Renaissance masters, Donatello.

Taste the wines

Stepping down into our ancient cellars, entering their doors, you’ll see our magnificent oak barrels, used today for aging our wines.

After this cellar tour, you’ll taste some of the best wines paired with small snacks such as “fettunta,” (toasted bread covered in our own extra virgin olive oil), Tuscan salami and Pecorino cheese.

Speaking of olive oil, the basement also houses the former dungeon, which was later used to store the oil in large Terracotta vessels. These are just a few of the Castle’s vestiges from the past you’ll see.

Olive Oil Tour and professional oil tasting

During this guided tour, you’ll stroll through our olive groves learning the different plants and olives. In front of the new mill, you’ll get an explanation about the production and proper storage of the olive oil, and we’ll discuss the classification of the various cultivars. At tour end, you’ll sample our products and learn techniques to recognize what you taste. At the end of it all, quality oil will no longer hold any secrets from you.

Saffron Tour

If you happen to visit in Fall (late October through early November), we recommend visiting our saffron fields, where you’ll see and can try harvesting the Crocus sativus. The stigma of these special flowers is source of our exquisite saffron of the Florentine Hills.

And now? Just call us and book your unique experience of Wine Tasting in Tuscany!

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  1. Sevan Terzian

    My family and I visited Castle in July 2017. If I was to summarize the experience in one word, it was absolute MAGIC!

    The estate is in a beautiful area in the Chianti Region, not too far from Florence (which we also visited after our experience at the vineyard). On the approach, you see the Castle nestled on a beautiful road, with a gorgeous vista of the area. We were welcomed by Alberto who was in touch with me as we were approaching the castle to ensure that we got there safely.

    We were a party of 9 people (6 adults and 3 children) and they welcomed us to our private tour with moka coffee (yum!), water and fresh juices so that we could freshen up after the long car ride from our villa in Camaiore. That’s when we met Marta, our personal guide who walked us thru the castle (which is also a private residence) and so graciously explained the colorful history of the castle and the family who owned the property. She was a gem! Marta added the substance to the magic we were experiencing at this vineyard, and through her words we experienced and were taken back to the era of the Medici and the Pazzi families (the latter of whom this castle once belonged to). She patiently and enthusiastically answered all our curious questions (even those posed by my 5 year old nephew!). I can not begin to sing her praises enough! My family adored her.

    After walking through the beautifully furnished castle (and strolling past a masterpiece or two that decorated its walls), Marta took us down to the wine cellar where we they keep barrels of their reserve wines. She explained in detail the process they undertake in making their wines which was extremely interesting!

    Now we were ready for our wine tasting! We came back up to the beautiful outdoor courtyard of the castle where a table with parma ham, cheeses and bread were awaiting us, along with a selection of the most delightful bottles of wines and oils from their vineyard. Needless to say, I bought 6 bottles on the way out that we enjoyed for the rest of our vacation.

    After our approx. 1.5 hour tour and wine tasting with Marta, we went into their restaurant where our table was ready and we enjoyed an incredible lunch! The food was so perfectly fresh, the pastas were divine and the Florentine steak was out of this world!!! The best steak we had on this trip by far!

    Before we departed Castle , we lazily enjoyed our coffee outside the restaurant as we soaked up the view of the rolling Chianti hills and day dreamed about our return.

    This experience is a must for anyone visiting the Chianti region. You may think you’re going to visit a vineyard, but at Castle you stumble over rich history, art, and memories that will last you a lifetime!

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